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Red Card Bad Behaviour

An initiative of the North Queensland Touch Association Inc.

We're all about promoting a positive environment for all participants, that's why we've created the "Red Card Bad Behaviour" initiative and are working hard to put a stop to abusive spectators and parents at Touch Football matches. But we need your help!

The onus is on you as a spectator to control yourself, and if you don’t, our Coaches and Managers at regional events have the authority to ask you to leave the spectator area surrounding the field. In this case, you (and your children) could be liable to suspensions from future regional events.

Our local-level competitions are the breeding ground for our sport and it's even more important that you control your own behaviour when you're watching these games, especially at junior matches!

Coaches and Managers at the 2014 NQ Junior Touch Football Championships were the first to be issued with “Bad Behaviour Red Cards” and used them to help end unacceptable and unnecessary behaviour from spectators. This included parents, family and friends of players of all teams.

Our kids want to enjoy themselves, not see their family and friends abusing the referees, coaches or other players!

Don’t be the one that ruins everyone’s fun, think before you speak, and remember that everyone is out there doing their best!


What can I do to help?

Don't Critiscise the Referee!
We may not always agree with the decision made by the referees, but that doesn't give us the right to yell anything at them. They're out there trying their best and, simply by being there, they're allowing your family and friends to participate in the sport we all love. Without them, there wouldn't be a game, so respect them and their decisions.

Don't allow others to yell abuse!
If you hear others yelling abuse, confront them about it, especially at junior Touch Football matches. If you don't feel comfortable about speaking to them, ask the coach or a local committee member or official to step-in.

Coaches: Tell your parents what you expect from them!
The best way to let your parents know what you expect from them is to get them together at the start of the event/season and tell them! Hand them a copy of the Code of Conduct and ask them to read it and sign it. Let them know that if they have any questions that now is the time to ask them. Your role as a coach is to develop the skills of their children and you can't do that if you have to continually deal with abusive parents. Remind them what they are there for (hint: it's not for their own enjoyment, it's for their kids!).

Encourage your local association to adopt the "Red Card" initiative
If your local Touch Football association doesn't already have their own initiative to combat abusive spectators, speak to them about adopting this one!



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The "Red Card Bad Behaviour" initiative was created by the North Queensland Touch Association to combat aubsive spectators at Touch Football matches within North Queensland. To use any of the resources or information, or find out more about the initiative, please contact admin(at)nqtouch(dot)com(dot)au.