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2018 National Touch League


Expressions of Interest are now being sought for coaches interested in being appointed to a NQ representative team to attend the 2018 National Touch League at Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Interested and suitably qualified individuals may submit an expression of interest for the availabe coaching positions on our home page under ONLINE REGISTRATIONS (left hand side of home page).

Sucessful applicatns will be appointed for a 1 year term only.  This is to align the cycle of all appointed NQ representative coaches for all representative teams to a 2 year term commencing appointments made in 2018.

Divisions with coaches in place wil be the only divisions that will be available for players to nominated for representative selection prior to the NQ Open & Senior Regional Championships held in June.

Memorandum with further information on requirements

Nominations CLOSE 12th April, 2017.

Successful applicants should be advised no later than Wednesday 26th April, 2017

2018 NTL Appointed Coaches

T-League Divisions

Division Coach Assistant Coach Manager
Women's T-League  Kel Lockyer John Bourke Claudia Cream
Men's T-League Nic Pecchiar Mark Edwards Peter Murray


Open Mixed

Division Coach Assistant Coach Manager
Open Mixed  Lawrence Oberleuter    


Women's Divisions

Division Coach Manager
Women's 27 Billy Dorrick Peita Dorrick
Women's 40 Michael Pitt Jodie Pitt


Men's Divisions

Division Coach Manager
Men's 30 Ben Glenwright Kyle Woolfe
Men's 40 Michael Zitha  
Men's 45 Eddie Pardon Jason Pierce
Men's 50 Shane Tibbs Gary Ingram
Men's 60 Brian Prove Tony Divertie


Selected Players


Men's T League TEAM Men's 30 TEAM Men's 40 TEAM Men's 45 Men's 50 TEAM Men's 60 TEAM
Mitchell Barton Tony Ahboo Frank Beer Ian Anderson Shane Beale Graham Telfer
Ethan Hagarty Gavin Bunney Robert Vella Tere Wotherspoon Paul Davis Mark Chin Fat
Bryce Coe Neal Teale Chris Coutts Brett Cruickshanks Tony Holloway Gerard Cullen
Joel Craperi Benjamin Costa Loudon Strang Kevin Hunter Ian Hoskins Ray Downes
Shameus Edwards Doug Enoch Dale Dunsford Gary Williams Gary Ingram Larry Hunter
Mitchell Higgins Thomas Frazer Stephen Prince Michael Koops Brian Keller Bruce Johnson
Mitchell Pitt Luke Frazer Matt Geiger Lawrence Lampton Steven Kersnovske Ian Kerr
Nathan Searle Ben Glenwright William Gilbert Malcolm McDougall Peter Le Feuvre Peter Knapton
Ryan Shibasaki Brad Gordon Paul Manttan Malcom Woods David McManus Gerald Thompson
Aaron Townson Matt Harvey Lee Heidke Jason Pierce Terry Moore Robbie Lazarus
Conor Wilson Peter Harvey Ben Luinys Edward Pardon Tony Parsons Daivd Mann
Kyal Davern Uruma Manuel Degen Newbery Dean Cheetham John Pattison Brian Prove
Jake Carter   Todd Caruana Damon Wilson Brett Stubbins Peter Rowe
        Shane Tibbs Frank Stampa
        Amir Tito  
        Roly Warnock  
  George Mallie Lee Heidke   Karl Luck Chris Holt
  Joey Billy     Anthony Baxter Thomas Nankivell
  Scott Blanchard     Colin MacKinnon Edward Czarnecki
  Ben Crocker     Paul Bikaunieks Greg Greinke
  James Baira     Brendan Smith David Jackson
        Damon Wilson Marsat Ketchell
*Please note that shadows are not listed in order of preference


Women's T League  Women's 27 Women's 40
Zoe Aitken Allison Bessell Waveney Adjrun
Sharee Andrews Leisyle Blanco Claire Blessas
Tori Carter Kierra Burns Samantha Bliss
Maddie Crema Madeline Oberleuter Sheril Buchanan
Chiquita Fickling Sally Gardiner Deborah Zanoletti
Mikaela Gee Katie Geiger Belinda Chittleborough
Katie Green Claire Graham Stepahnie Cruickshanks
Georgia Harris Kellie Higgins Melissa Dunne
Meckensie Hudson Tramayne Horan Robyn Jakeman
Kelly Kennedy Karina Johnson Dione Kelvin
Chloe Miller Keira Lucy Kelly Klibbe
Jasmyn Mooney Melinda Kidd Tina Taylor
Kya Mooney Kaitlin Mann Kylie Peters
Jasmine Peters   Paulina Raitilava
Josie Ross    
Sally Webb    
  Cicely Baira Sandie Wilson
  Marsh Benjamin Robyn Campbell
  Amanda Dalamaras  
  Kate Schwarz  
  Sonya Sherrington  
*Please note that shadows are not listed in order of preference