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Referee Resources & Information

Referee Accreditation

Information about the accreditation levels of touch football referees, and how to become one.
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ASC Resources for Referees

The Australian Sports Commission has a webpage dedicated to resources for sports officials. The resources cover a range of areas including communication, safetey & ethics, high performance, and much more.


A Guide for Touch Referees

Situations, Rulings and Signals for Touch Referees
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Latest News

NQTA Referees attending the recent update workshop. Back row (from left): Jason Miller, Chris Benstead, Marcus Muller, Ralph Powell, Scott Marsh, Kerrod Hall, Joe Lo Grande. Front row (from left): David Coe, Taleisha Perfect, Denise Weier, Renee Janes, Michael Jones. [Photo: NQ Touch]
NQ Referees Updated on New TFA Level 2 and 3 Referee Courses
North Queensland referees recently attended an update workshop for Touch Football Australia’s new suite of referee education courses, providing them in insight into the new format and requirements of the courses.
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Referees from across the region converged on Townsville over the weekend for the 2014 North Queensland Open & Senior Regional Touch Football Championships | Photo: Renee Janes
Referees Impress At NQ Champs
Players weren't the only one's giving their all in Townsville over the weekend, joining them were 43 of the region's best referee's, all dedicated to support the 2014 North Queensland Open & Senior Regional Touch Football Championships.
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NQTA Referees attend the NSW State Cup Referees Dinner | From left: Andrew Watkins, Renee Janes, Joe Lo Grande, Denise Weier, Michael Littlefield, Fiona Quinn. NQTA Referees attend the NSW State Cup Referees Dinner | Photo: Joe Lo Grande
NQ Referees Impress at NSW State Cup
Five of North Queensland’s top touch referees were given a rare opportunity to officiate at the 2013 New South Wales Touch Association State Cup in December, proving that referees from the region can match it with the best referees from one of the country’s strongest states.
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NQ Referees Rory Webb-Smith and Darryl Lyon receive half-time feedback from Jason Miller and Colin Kay
Championship Not Just A Players Domain
The NQ Championships has always been a pillar on the Touch calendar for players across North Queensland, but the appeal that it has for referees is something else altogether.
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NQ Referees Rewarded for their Service
The North Queensland Touch Association would like to congratulate two of the region's most senior referees, Darryl Serrurier and Joe Lo Grande, who were recently recognised by Touch Football Australia for their valuable contribution to the sport of Touch Football over the last 15 years.
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