Why Play Touch Football?

People play touch football for many different reasons. We asked some of our members why they play touch football and here's just some of their responses:

  "To get fit"   "To try something new"
"To keep fit" "To meet new people"
"Because it’s fun" "To represent my country"
"To play representative sport" "To develop my skills"
"Because I enjoy it" "To learn new skills"
"Because it’s cheap"  

So the real question isn’t "why play touch football?", it's "WHY NOT?"

Sold yet? Click here to to see where you can start playing touch football in your local area!


We think it sums up exactly what our sport is about:

"My mum plays Touch, my dad plays Touch, my sister plays Touch and so does my brother. I have aunties, uncles and cousins that play too. It’s a sport that my whole family can play and I love it!"